Consciously Create Your Life!

Consciously Create Your Life!


Make your dreams come true.


You have the power to shape your life exactly how you want it to be! There are specific steps you can take to do so, and the method is surprisingly simple. But, please do not mistake simple for easy. Some steps are easy to create, while others can be a bit more challenging. 

I have been intensely interested in this manifestation process since a very young age. I understood that we are the masters of our own destinies, and therefore, I actively applied everything I read and knew about conscious creation to my life. I successfully manifested hundreds of amazing things. The problem, until only a couple of years ago, was that I was inconsistent; I also managed to create a ton of terrible circumstances. I perceived that I was mucking up part of the process. After years of trial, I finally figured out a system that works, time after time. You, too, can follow my tried-and-true techniques for having the life you desire:

a) Decide what you really want.

Grab a journal and write out exactly what you yearn for in every aspect of your life. Focus on your physical body; mental attitude; spiritual life; finances; home; vehicle; work; leisure activities; community; family; friends; love life; and any other relevant aspects. Often, people get stuck on this step because they do not know what they desire. That is okay. If you are stuck here, your “want” can be “I want to know what I want.” Otherwise, choose your one area of least satisfaction as a place to begin.

Hint: Your desire must adhere to physical laws; you will not be able to learn how to fly or see through walls.

b) Decide why you want “it.”

This step is important because it will conjure up a feeling inside of you. That feeling is the energy source; the fuel to set things in motion quickly. Without it, you will have to work very hard to achieve your goal.

Hint: Your “why” will likely boil down to “peace” and/or “joy.” If your “why” is “world domination,” please stop reading here.

c) Visualize and affirm achieving your goal with as much energy as you can muster.

Set aside at least 10 minutes every day to practice visualization. While you are envisioning and affirming your desire, be in the energy of already having achieved it.

Hint: You may try this while meditating, jogging, bathing, or, while listening to music that makes you feel great.

d) Believe.

Your inner self holds convictions that have been cultivated over your lifetime. One of the ways to establish a new philosophy is to repeat an affirmation in your conscious mind. That is why you must practice step (c). Your subconscious is like the slide in the presentation of your life. Your energy is the light that illuminates the slide, and your reality is the projected picture.

Hint: If you have a firmly rooted negative belief, you may need to work on dissolving it, before trying to plant your new positive belief.

e) Let go of any attachment to receiving your desired goal.

This may sound counterintuitive, but it is crucial. Attachment to your aim is a fear-based emotion that is in the energy of need, as opposed to desire. Holding a strong need is actually focusing on the lack of what you want, and therefore will create more of the lack.

Hint: Don’t worry, be happy.

f) Take daily action.

Once you start this process you will be inspired to do things. Do not ignore your inspiration; for, while this process will create miracles in your life, it is not magic. We are physical beings who need to take physical action. Though you may need to take many steps that feel scary, overwhelming, and sometimes even painful, it won’t feel like work—because you will know that you are designing your perfect, peaceful, joyful future. It will feel like freedom.

Hint: Act quickly. Do not worry too much about making mistakes because you can always correct your course. Mistakes are incredibly useful learning tools. Success likes momentum.

The time you invest in this process of conscious creation will pay you back several fold. I implore you to give it a serious go, with a light heart. This “life is not a dress rehearsal,” and it is never too late to be the director and shining star of your own show.



Take Action Now:
  • Keep a journal.
  • Take a meditation class.
  • Start working out.
  • Go on vacation.
  • Educate yourself by taking a course.
Alana Belik BA, PTS, NWS
Alana is a personal life coach, writer and speaker with a broad base of education and experience. She empowers people to improve their physical states, emotional attitudes, and mental beliefs, thereby positively affecting their health, careers and relationships.


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