Top Free Running Apps

Top Free Running Apps


Take your training to the next level

If you like analytics, there are so many great apps that you can download to any phone to help you track your training and keep you motivated. They provide great data like speed, distance and time and can act like your virtual coach or training partner. If you haven’t tried any of these before, here are a few great free apps that could help you in your training.

APP: RunKeeper - GPS Running, Walk, Cycling, Workout and Weight Tracker

Track your pace, measure workout distance, chart weight loss, crush training goals and more with LifeHacker’s 2012 Best Running App! RunKeeper is the simplest way to improve fitness, whether you’re just deciding to get off the couch for a 5k, biking every day, or deep into marathon training.

APP: C25K - 5K Trainer FREE (Go from Couch Potato to Running the 5K)

The OFFICIAL C25K (Couch to 5K) program. You alternate between walking and running until you build strength. This app is designed for people who are just taking up running.  It provides you with an eight-week long plan, with workouts three times a week, ideally with breaks between days. Each workout session is from 30-40 minutes long (including five minutes warm up and five minutes cool down). This is the only 5K training app to be partners with MyFitnessPal for seamless.

APP: Nike+ Running

Whether you’re a beginner or training for your tenth marathon, keep track of your running progress with this popular GPS-powered app. Log your stats including time, pace, and distance, and get real-time audio feedback so you can keep your eyes on the road. Listen to friends cheering you on through Facebook while you run. If your energy is lagging, a Powersong provides an instant boost.  Share your progress with the Nike+ running community and invite friends to race in a custom challenge.

APP: Runmeter GPS Pedometer Run, Cycle, Walk, Jog & Interval Training

Runmeter is designed for those who love loads of data. It records and stores a wealth of running stats including time, distance, pace, elevation, and even weather. The app syncs with Google Maps for detailed terrain and traffic info so you know what to expect on your route. Track your progress visually with cool charts, graphs, calendars, and maps. Unlike apps that interface with a website, Runmeter stores your running history right within the mobile app. Compete against yourself or against other runners by importing friends’ stats. And if that’s not enough, an elite upgrade has many extra features for $4.99.

APP: Runtastic 

Map and monitor your runs with this feature-rich personal training app. Runtastic keeps a detailed log of your progress with route maps. It also graphs results, including heart rate, distance, speed, and elevation. Set goals and upload your progress to the Runtastic website, where you can join an online community of runners to get tips and challenge each other. Make your run even more social by photographing and geotagging cool sights on your route. You can also get cheered on by Facebook friends as you run. Weather and sunlight data helps you pick the best time for a run. Enter post-workout info to record your mood and rehydrate properly.

APP: Run with Map My Run - GPS Run, Walk, Tracker and Calorie Counter

As the name aptly implies, MapMyRun does exactly what it says: it maps and records your run. The app conveniently informs you of how long you’ve been running and your pace as you go along, and once you finish, you can save and share your for comparison with later run times. The app also counts the amount of calories you burn and charts your elevation profile in addition to keeping track of your diet, all while retaining access to your iPhone’s music catalog and incoming phone calls.

APP: Endomondo – GPS Run, Cycle, Walk, Tracker & Personal Coach

Based on the premise that “when something’s fun, you’re more likely to do it,” Endomondo aims to make any type of fitness social and enjoyable. Start off with a fitness test, then let the app help you create a training plan and set personal goals. Endomodo tracks distance, calories burned, and degree of improvement for every workout. Friendly audio alerts let you know if you’re lagging or setting a personal best while you exercise. Share your progress with a global online community and cheer on others. A premium version comes with expanded features.

Sandy Jacobson
Sandy Jacobson is a world-class marathoner (four-time Canadian National Team Member), sports ambassador and advocate, who has been involved in athletics and fitness for more than two decades. She has won numerous awards in these capacities, and also has an extensive background in public speaking.


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