Be Ready for the Big Chill

Be Ready for the Big Chill


Performance base layers are essential to outdoor running

As we know, Edmonton is known for its cold winters so running can be challenging.  But running all-year round can be a successful component to any athletic career allowing to help build a strong running foundation. Training year round can allow you to increase your weekly mileage and speed workouts. Running throughout the winter also trains the mind and gives you that added edge of mental toughness for race season.

Getting out the door may seem hard when it’s cold and dark but it’s actually quite easy if you know how to dress to protect yourself from the elements. Layering is essential and having fabrics that wick moisture, are wind resistant or water proof will make training comfortable and easy. Try some of these must-have items to stay fit this winter and throughout the holiday season.




When you’re up against gusty winds and biting cold, the less skin that’s exposed, the better. Cover up from head to chin with this balaclava made of tech fabric.

Average Price: $25



Cover your dome in an insulating, wind-blocking hat for long, cold runs.

Average Price: $20



Designed for everyday pre-dawn/post-sunset use, the USB-rechargeable 75-lumen Sprinter is ready for any trail in any weather.

Average Price: $68

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Thermal soft shell jacket combining a high performance fit and insulation for cold weather running.

Average Price:  $210



Great for windy and wet days. These pants offer lightweight coverage for strong gusts of wind and moderate rainfall/snow.  Easy to slip on and off.

Average Price:  $140


If packed snow and ice are making your favorite route look extra treacherous, strap these spikes on over your sneakers for extra traction. As always, though, run with care; sometimes inclement conditions make for a great reason to take a day off to rest and recover.

Average Price: $40



Merino wool gloves plus touchscreen compatibility means warm hands and complete control over your favorite running playlist.

Average Price: $40

Treadmill vs Running Outside

– When the weather or footing is bad, it’s safe and easier (controlled environment)

– No resistance on the body (i.e., wind, hills, etc.) making running easier

– Easier to train at a specific pace and target range

– Can be boring and make one minute feel like an hour

– Can be a pain doing intervals or speed training as you have to constantly readjust your speed

Tip: Setting the treadmill to a one percent grade accurately reflects the energy output and better simulates outdoor running

Sandy Jacobson
Sandy Jacobson is a world-class marathoner (four-time Canadian National Team Member), sports ambassador and advocate, who has been involved in athletics and fitness for more than two decades. She has won numerous awards in these capacities, and also has an extensive background in public speaking.


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