Super Veggies!

Super Veggies!


Certain vegetables can keep your body in tip-top shape














Do you still need to be told to eat your vegetables?

We all know that vegetables are good for you. We also know the reasons why we need to eat our veggies and what they do for us are also pretty common knowledge: they provide vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-oxidants that keep our bodies functioning optimally.

Besides, if you don’t eat them, you may not get dessert! If need even more motivation than that, check out this list of body parts and what vegetables you can consume to positively impact their purpose and function.




Thinking carrots? Yes, it is true. Carrots are high in Vitamin A which plays a lead role in vision function. Other great sources include kale and spinach.





Left home without a toothbrush? Have no fear. Vegetables that are high in polyphenols destroy plaque bacteria. Look for these grime busting vegetables on the menu: olives, artichoke heads, red and yellow onion, shallots and potatoes.





Certain vegetables are great at lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Increasing vegetable consumption can also help lower weight, all of which contribute to a healthier heart. Best bets include bok choy, garlic, leeks, swiss chard, sweet potatoes, and squash.





If kidney disease is a concern, eat iron rich vegetables that are low in potassium. These include celery, beets, string beans and zucchini.





Our inner ears have sensitive nerve tissue that can be damaged by free radicals. The best way to reduce the little bad guys is to consume anti-oxidants on a regular basis. Foods rich in folic acid, such as broccoli and asparagus, are especially helpful.





Increasing vegetable intake is going to show darn quickly on the skin. People who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables tend to have firm cheeks with a nice pink glow. Vegetables that will help the most include bell peppers and cauliflower, which are high in Vitamin C. This sunny vitamin actually helps prevent skin damaging ultraviolet rays. Eggplant is a good source of B vitamins which help skin to regenerate.





Integral to detoxifying the body and breaking down fats and proteins, these vegetables cannot be overlooked: avocado, Brussels sprouts and spinach.


Eating a large variety of vegetables on a daily basis is one of the most important steps you can take toward improved health. It can also be an extremely challenging lifestyle change for many people. Experts encourage people to eat three different colours of vegetables a day in 7-10 servings. A single serving size of vegetables is the size of your fist. A few simple strategies and a commitment to a healthy diet can help keep your body parts working as they should.

  • Do a weekly produce shop. (Visit local farmer’s markets for inspiration!)
  • Wash and cut up all of your vegetables at once. Put them in separate containers in your fridge for easy access.
  • Prepare veggie and fruit smoothies and put them in single serving cups in the freezer.
  • Wrap a bunch of cut up veggies in foil and throw the packet on the BBQ.
Alana Belik BA, PTS, NWS
Alana is a personal life coach, writer and speaker with a broad base of education and experience. She empowers people to improve their physical states, emotional attitudes, and mental beliefs, thereby positively affecting their health, careers and relationships.


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