Fresh, Fit, Fantastic!

Fresh, Fit, Fantastic!


Fresh Fit Foods innovative concept provides an enjoyable new way to get healthy.

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Chicken & Fruit Snack
Chicken & Fruit Snack

No time to cook, no time to eat well if this sounds like your life, Fresh Fit Foods is ready to solve your problems with a simple approach to eating and becoming healthy.

Operations Director Brian Hopkins, Executive Chef Seamus Blue, and Nutrition Manager Laura Swim, along with Business Operations Assistant Neha Kumari and other team members, take great pride in their wholesome framework that leads the way in your journey to fitness and health.

Fresh Fit Foods started as a nutritional component for clients of World Health Edmonton. World Health’s fitness and personal training facilities have been a part of the Edmonton fitness scene for almost three decades. The company, recognizing a need amongst its clients for assistance with losing weight and maintaining good nutrition practices in their daily lives, enlisted Fresh Fit Foods to fill this need.

To paraphrase Chef Seamus Blue, “most people today do not have the time and/or knowledge to design a healthy menu, source out nutritious ingredients, shop, and cook each and every breakfast, lunch and dinner in a beneficial way.” Now, Fresh Fit Foods will do it for you.

L-R: Jessica McAlpine, Sous-chef Hector Pulido, Executive Chef Seamus Blue, Shannon Mylie, Doug Clark
L-R: Jessica McAlpine, Sous-chef Hector Pulido, Executive Chef Seamus Blue, Shannon Mylie, Doug Clark

Chef Seamus, when asked about the company’s guiding principles, says the Fresh Fit Foods philosophy entails “real food and real nutrition for real people” served with “substance, integrity and honesty.”

The culinary expert and his colleagues begin with fresh, natural, and raw products, without the usual fillers and preservatives, or added salt, sugar, or soy. A full menu of meals and snacks are aimed at providing necessary, balanced nutrients, and a recommended number of calories. Sauces, salad dressings, nut butters, and the like are also made in-house. From production to delivery, ingredients are stored to maintain optimum sanitary and food-safe conditions. All product cooked in the commercial kitchen is kept in unique temperature controlled areas, except when being cooked in the state-of-the-art, environmentally-controlled, combination steamer/convection oven, which allows the chef to use a variety of low-fat cooking techniques. Meals are properly par-cooked, so they can be reheated by microwave or stovetop. The meals are fresh, high quality, and nutritious.

Tuna Salad Wrap
Tuna Salad Wrap

The Fresh Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge is a lifestyle change designed to help you lose weight and get healthy by taking over meal planning and preparation, leaving you with more time to work out and live your life. The challenge sets up a beneficial, flavourful meal plan for you, using Fresh Fit Foods’ nutrient, calorie and portion-controlled, pre-packaged meals. You pick up the tasty, fresh (not frozen) prepared meals at one of Fresh Fit Foods many locations and enjoy! Meals should be eaten within 1-3 days, although many can be frozen for your convenience.

The meals are skilfully designed to contain lean proteins, heart-healthy fats, and low glycemic index carbohydrates. Two different-sized meal plans are available for 1200 – 1500 or 1500 – 1800 calories per day diets.

Menu choices include tasty Steak and Eggs or Quinoa and Oat Porridge for breakfast and scrumptious Chicken Penne Alfredo for lunch. At dinner, enjoy an Autumn Lentil & Bean Salad or the flavourful Pesto Salmon and Cauliflower Mash. Savour two snacks each day, like the yummy Almond Butter Crunch or the Prairie Land Picnic. Meals are also packaged in environmentally friendly reusable containers that are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe.

Once you have registered for the 21 Day Challenge in person or online, you can select your meals and pick them up at of one of the 10 convenient Fresh Fit Food/World Health locations (nine in Edmonton; one in Sherwood Park). As an alternative, you can “grab and go” at any of the World Health locations or in the full-service retail store.

Greek Chicken Salad

In addition, Fresh Fit Foods and World Health work together to give their clients the benefits of both fitness and nutrition. Non-World Health members receive a complimentary 21 day pass with the purchase of their 21 Day Challenge, to ensure they get the most out of their Challenge. The fitness club’s existing members get a 10% discount if they take part in the 21 Day Challenge. Personal nutrition counselling is included in the bundle as well.

Operations Director Brian Hopkins, Chef Seamus, and their team are continually working on new ways to serve you, collaborating with suppliers like Sysco to find new products, creating original meals, and crafting systems to improve your customer experience.

Fresh Fit Foods brings you the convenience and luxury of having a personal nutrition coach, grocery shopper, and chef — all in one. Do yourself a favour and give it a try!

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