Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising


After a tough life, Dianna Bowes creates an empire of empowerment for women

Fab@50Growing and learning from life’s challenges is something we all strive to accomplish. But for Edmonton native Dianna Bowes, she didn’t just learn and grown from life’s many curveballs, instead she took out a proverbial Louisville Slugger and became an All-Star.

After enduring a lifetime of heartache, health challenges that included a spinal tumor, divorce and more, she decided one day to take that negative energy and look at what she could offer the world instead.

“I wish I could say I was inspired by positive things, but the truth is I have learned more from the negatives in the world and in people than the rainbows. When my marriage ended, I dove into a personal development course that rocked my world and made sense of everything I had gone through and shifted my belief system about myself and the world around me. I realized that I had some valuable gifts and I wanted to support other women to find theirs,” says Dianna.

That new belief system, and lessons learned from her grandmother, inspired her to recognize what 40-something and 50-something baby boomer women were missing: the opportunity to connect, have fun, learn and be inspired. No longer satisfied with the limited networking options available, Bowes decided to create Fabulous @50, a community network dedicated to helping women from all walks of life rediscover their passion… whatever that may be.

“Women in mid-age in today’s society are in a great place. We are wiser, wealthier and healthier and have more opportunities than in any other time. This is a time to grasp that freedom and start to fulfill the dreams we may have put on hold for later,” says Dianna.

“In any situation, we can choose to be better or bitter”

Not content with just creating a new network for women, Dianna also created a trade show called the Fabulous @50 Experience and Martini Party, featuring entertainment, inspirational speakers and even shopping. She also began publishing Be Fabulous magazine in Edmonton to give baby boomer women even more empowering information.

Thanks to all her great work in the community, Dianna was awarded the 2011 YWCA Women of Distinction Turning Point Award. “Winning this award was very surreal for me. I was not a great student, never went to university or did anything extraordinary, so to be nominated and win this award really made me feel that I was on the right track,” says Dianna.

With plans now to expand the Fabulous @50 brand across Canada and the U.S. over the next two years, the future seems even brighter for Dianna, despite her tough past.

“I believe there is a gift in everything, good or what we think of as bad. In any situation, we can choose to be better or bitter, and I guess you know what I choose. Always growing…” 

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