Celebrity Wellness with Global News Edmonton’s Carole Anne Devaney

Celebrity Wellness with Global News Edmonton’s Carole Anne Devaney


Carole Anne Cover-01Carole Anne Devaney declares that she has no motivation to exercise, but this influential woman doesn’t let that idiosyncrasy stop her, as she maintains a hectic schedule of fitness, work, and volunteer activities.

Carole Anne is now a popular staple in the Edmonton television news scene, after arriving from Ottawa in 2008. Following a  stint with the CBC, she moved to Global TV in 2011. After a few months, Global recognized Carole Anne’s abilities, and promoted the Edmonton newcomer to the news anchor desk. The top-rated anchor is also in demand as an emcee and host (speaking three languages), and assists many charitable groups in the Edmonton area.

In order to keep up with her busy life and career, Carole Anne must stay in good shape, and she was not always in tip-top form. Several years ago, this active woman faced real problems with her neck and back, brought on by years of competitive gymnastics. The situation got so bad that she decided to make changes in her life. She started working out with personal trainer Carrie Robinson, whom the newswoman credits with rebuilding her body. Carole Anne declares, “It was the best health investment I ever made.” She credits it with totally changing her life and says she now feels “so nimble.”

“I don’t enjoy the workout itself, but I enjoy how I feel afterward.”

Yoga and meditation have become Carole Anne’s favourite fitness tools, but this dynamic broadcaster often changes it up by walking her dog, doing stairs (which she loves!) and occasionally, going to the gym. She asserts, “I don’t enjoy the workout itself, but I enjoy how I feel afterward.” She prefers to take a break from her fitness regime on weekends.

There is a gym in the building where Carole Anne resides with her firefighter husband, Connor, and the energetic TV anchor will occasionally take advantage of the elliptical machine there, or do some circuit training.

Carole Anne also suggests that she loves to eat, and works out so that she can enjoy her favourite foods without guilt.

“It was the best health investment I ever made.”

bust5(1)This mover and shaker’s fitness practice helps her to keep up with an on-the-go work and social life. In addition, it boosts her energy levels, so that she can aid others through her numerous charitable endeavours. Carole Anne gives back — with organizations such as Meals on Wheels; Bust a Move for the Alberta Cancer Foundation; and a relatively new event, Bloom, which combines yoga, music, and inspirational speakers. There is definitely a “wellness thread” running through these initiatives. Carole Anne aims to “help out as much as she can,” but notes that almost every hour of her life is scheduled. When she does discover some free time in her calendar, Carole Anne indulges in other activities that make her feel good, such as travelling, snowboarding, golfing, and attending the theatre.

Setting an example that others can follow, Carole Anne lives life to the fullest. Her health and wellness routine certainly seems to be working for her.

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