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Alana Belik BA, PTS, NWS

Alana Belik BA, PTS, NWS
Alana is a personal life coach, writer and speaker with a broad base of education and experience. She empowers people to improve their physical states, emotional attitudes, and mental beliefs, thereby positively affecting their health, careers and relationships.


Make your dreams come true.


You have the power to shape your life exactly how you want it to be! There are specific steps you can take to do so, and the method is surprisingly simple. But, please do not mistake simple for easy. Some steps are easy to create, while others can be a bit more challenging. 

I have been intensely interested in this manifestation process since a very young age. I understood that we are the masters of our own destinies, and therefore, I actively applied everything I read and knew about conscious creation to my life. I successfully manifested hundreds of amazing things. The problem, until only a couple of years ago, was that I was inconsistent; I also managed to create a ton of terrible circumstances. I perceived that I was mucking up part of the process. After years of trial, I finally figured out a system that works, time after time. You, too, can follow my tried-and-true techniques for having the life you desire:

a) Decide what you really want.

Grab a journal and write out exactly what you yearn for in every aspect of your life. Focus on your physical body; mental attitude; spiritual life; finances; home; vehicle; work; leisure activities; community; family; friends; love life; and any other relevant aspects. Often, people get stuck on this step because they do not know what they desire. That is okay. If you are stuck here, your “want” can be “I want to know what I want.” Otherwise, choose your one area of least satisfaction as a place to begin.

Hint: Your desire must adhere to physical laws; you will not be able to learn how to fly or see through walls.

b) Decide why you want “it.”

This step is important because it will conjure up a feeling inside of you. That feeling is the energy source; the fuel to set things in motion quickly. Without it, you will have to work very hard to achieve your goal.

Hint: Your “why” will likely boil down to “peace” and/or “joy.” If your “why” is “world domination,” please stop reading here.

c) Visualize and affirm achieving your goal with as much energy as you can muster.

Set aside at least 10 minutes every day to practice visualization. While you are envisioning and affirming your desire, be in the energy of already having achieved it.

Hint: You may try this while meditating, jogging, bathing, or, while listening to music that makes you feel great.

d) Believe.

Your inner self holds convictions that have been cultivated over your lifetime. One of the ways to establish a new philosophy is to repeat an affirmation in your conscious mind. That is why you must practice step (c). Your subconscious is like the slide in the presentation of your life. Your energy is the light that illuminates the slide, and your reality is the projected picture.

Hint: If you have a firmly rooted negative belief, you may need to work on dissolving it, before trying to plant your new positive belief.

e) Let go of any attachment to receiving your desired goal.

This may sound counterintuitive, but it is crucial. Attachment to your aim is a fear-based emotion that is in the energy of need, as opposed to desire. Holding a strong need is actually focusing on the lack of what you want, and therefore will create more of the lack.

Hint: Don’t worry, be happy.

f) Take daily action.

Once you start this process you will be inspired to do things. Do not ignore your inspiration; for, while this process will create miracles in your life, it is not magic. We are physical beings who need to take physical action. Though you may need to take many steps that feel scary, overwhelming, and sometimes even painful, it won’t feel like work—because you will know that you are designing your perfect, peaceful, joyful future. It will feel like freedom.

Hint: Act quickly. Do not worry too much about making mistakes because you can always correct your course. Mistakes are incredibly useful learning tools. Success likes momentum.

The time you invest in this process of conscious creation will pay you back several fold. I implore you to give it a serious go, with a light heart. This “life is not a dress rehearsal,” and it is never too late to be the director and shining star of your own show.



Take Action Now:
  • Keep a journal.
  • Take a meditation class.
  • Start working out.
  • Go on vacation.
  • Educate yourself by taking a course.


With so many vitamins, supplements and minerals out there, which ones are essential?


Let’s talk about supplements. Are you confused when you see walls of pill bottles with various letters of the alphabet on the outside from A to Zinc? If so, then a good comprehensive breakdown on what you need to take and why is a great starting point. Of course, you may have specific needs that will require personal attention but for now let’s concentrate on the basics for you, as a human, living in Alberta, Canada.

I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to all things health and wellness. As such, I read everything I can get my hands on concerning the topic. I keep up with the latest medical journals, practically keep inventory at the local supplement stores and even use my own body as a testing ground for the newest Dr. Oz secrets revealed. Despite years of research, I still become overwhelmed. I can only imagine what it must be like for the non-fanatical shopper to go supplement shopping without being armed with information.

“Despite years of research, I still become overwhelmed.

Stores that specialize in supplements are staffed with people who are very helpful and knowledgeable. If, however, you shop at your local drug store or supermarket that sells vitamins and minerals alongside products made by Toshiba, Maybelline, Cuisinart, and Chef Boyardee, you will want to go in prepared with a shopping list.

Do you need a multivitamin? That depends. Let’s take a look at your diet. Are you eating a wide variety of at least seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day? That would certainly be preferable, which is why I advocate incorporating smoothies into your routine, however, I digress. Anyway, that is not always possible, so it is a good idea to keep a multivitamin on hand for less than perfect eating days.

There are many options from which to choose. Some brands even have specific blends for different age groups and genders. According to my personal experience, liquid multivitamins are best. They are easy to take and are readily absorbed. I can tell the efficacy by the strength of my fingernails.

On the down side, liquid vitamins are a pain when travelling or to take to work, as they need to be refrigerated. A fantastic option is an oral spray vitamin, especially if you hate swallowing pills or tend to get an upset stomach from them. Spray vitamins do not require food to be broken down and absorbed, whereas most other supplements need to be taken with meals.

Now for the must-have supplements in your arsenal. You will need a good daily dose of omega-3 essential fatty acid (EFA). It is considered essential because your body does not produce it on its own. You need to consume it. You can do this either in a plant based form such as algae, which is how fish obtain it, or in a fish oil supplement. Natural sources come from nuts, flaxseed, olive oil and fatty fish such as salmon. Even if you eat these nutritious foods, you are likely not getting enough and the importance of omega-3 in your diet cannot be overstated.

It reduces inflammation, helps prevent heart disease, boosts good cholesterol to help clear your arteries, helps metabolize fat, protects your eyesight, improves brain function, reduces depression, controls acne, reduces wrinkles, strengthens bones and preserves lean muscle. Take your omega-3 supplement as directed on the bottle.

“Even in the summer you are likely blocking vitamin D producing rays with your sunscreen.”

Finally, you will want to pick up some vitamin D. Though vitamin D is present in small amounts in some foods such as sardines, beef liver and egg yolks, it is not enough. Your greatest source of vitamin D comes from sun exposure, which, as an Albertan, can be tricky most of the year. Even in the summer you are likely blocking vitamin D producing rays with your sunscreen. Milk, orange juice and ready-to-eat cereals are generally fortified with vitamin D, but again, not enough.

This sunny vitamin is best known for developing and keeping bones strong. It is also boosts your immune system, improves muscle function, enhances lung function, controls appetite to help with weight management, and helps lower blood pressure. You will want to go for at least 600 IU per day. Again, I favour the liquid types for ease of taking and best absorption.

To easily incorporate taking your vitamins into your daily routine, attach the habit to another daily habit such as drinking your morning coffee or walking your dog. Situate your bottles next to your Keurig or Fluffy’s leash so you don’t forget. Soon it will become automatic, especially after you start seeing and feeling the benefits. You can expect a difference within a couple of weeks.


Supplement shopping list:

Multivitamin: Look for a liquid or spray version for ease of taking and best absorption.

Omega-3: Take in a plant based form or in a fish oil supplement.

Vitamin D: Take between 600-1000 IU per day



Maintaining proper vitamins and nutrients is essential to healthy living

Are you thinking about jumping on the juicing bandwagon? If you are not getting the recommended daily intake of veggies and fruit into your diet, then juicing is a fast and highly recommended way to make sure your body is getting the daily goodness it needs.iStock_000040917556XLarge

After all, increasing fruit and vegetable intake is often the most important step that I encourage clients to take to attain their ideal weight. But is it right for you? Let’s take a close look at the facts so you can make the choice that is right for you.

The reason you would want to juice is to increase your fruit and vegetable intake. So let’s start with what that intake should be in the first place. Ideally you are consuming three fruit and five vegetable servings every day. A serving size is the size of your fist. Already doing that? Great! No reason to juice. It is always preferable to eat the whole produce in its natural form. That way you are also benefiting from the fibre that juicers discard with the pulp. Not quite there with the servings? Let’s move on.

If you need to increase your daily produce consumption and find it difficult because of time, or you simply do not enjoy broccoli, juicing is a great strategy. You can drink all sorts of things that are challenging to eat. Kale is a treat when pulverized alongside some lovely sweet berries. As a leaf, kale is a commitment, even after it has been bathed and massaged into semi submission. Two fists full of spinach, an apple, blueberries, goji berries, honey, almonds, flax and coconut water is a quick sip on your way to work that will have you feeling like a superhero. That same mix would be a feat to eat in the morning.

iStock_000031349240XLarge_editedNow you need a juicer. Prices range from $50 to over $600. This is where critical thinking skills must come into play. The more expensive versions can save the pulp for you to put into soups and baking. Second, would you actually use all the extra gadgets in the more expensive version? Do you already use your mix master, ab roller, treadmill, electric cheese grater/cucumber slicer? If the answer is no, you may want to look for a simpler version. I am not big on cleaning multiple parts so I prefer to use a power blender with only two bits to clean and one of them doubles as the glass. A huge added benefit of using a blender is that it keeps the fibre. That said, I have clients who swear by their super pricey styles and claim that they even self-clean! Purchasing your type of machine is a personal choice based on affordability and practicality. Just know that there are options so it is not necessary to break the bank, no matter how exceedingly convincing the infomercial may be.

“When our bodies function optimally, they settle at our ideal weight.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe most convincing reason to increase your fruit and vegetable intake, whether it be by biting and chewing or by drinking, is that your health depends on it. Our bodies require the vitamins and minerals that a range of fruits and vegetables provide. Will it help you to lose weight? Absolutely it will. When our bodies receive proper nutrients they function optimally. When our bodies function optimally, they settle at our ideal weight. But that’s not all! You will also receive a free boost of energy and a free radical fighter! If you buy into this now, you will get a lifetime supply of strength, vigor and glowing skin!

Deciding to juice is a noble a worthy venture. The payoff is so great and quick that it will be an easy habit to keep. Enjoy the ride!

Top Juicing Tips For Healthier Living

Choose your juicer or blender wisely. Consider price and practicality. More expensive may not mean better.

Be sure to include fibre in your diet if your juicer extracts the pulp.

Buy a variety of fruits and vegetables to maximize your range of vitamins and minerals. This will speed up health benefits and weight loss.

Do not use fruits alone. The calories will add up too quickly.

If your juice is a meal replacement, be sure to keep it balanced by adding protein with nuts, yogurt, almond milk or peanut butter.

Cleansing your body by juicing only is not a good idea. It is better to add detoxifying juices to your diet. Your liver and kidneys will cleanse for you.

Losing weight by juicing only is not a good idea. It is better to add healthy juices to your diet to speed up metabolism. Fasting on juice can backfire.

Drink your juice or smoothie freshly made for optimal freshness and safety. Freezing pre-made smoothies is a good option if making fresh every day is not.



Sometimes we put off doing things for very good reasons

clocks on a wall with time zone of different country

We are quickly heading into the season of “too much to do.” I say that as if there isn’t already too much to do. Of course there is. Now, however, there is our regular “too much to do,” plus celebrations to plan and attend, gifts to decide upon, purchase, wrap and give, things to decorate and cards to writeall while fighting winter traffic and the flu. Oh, and we have to lose 10 pounds before any of it begins. Does all of this sound as absurd to you as it does to me? No wonder procrastination becomes a problem at this time of year more than others.

Procrastination tends to compound the stress of a busy schedule by adding urgency, anxiety and guilt into the mix. None of these emotions feel good, so let’s take a different perspective on procrastination. Let us see it as a giant magnifying glass to our soul. Remember, it is our subconscious that wins out to our conscious when it comes to decision making. When we procrastinate, we put off doing tasks that we think we should do in favour of doing other ones that we deem as less important. This is a wonderful opportunity to analyze ourselves and perhaps put some life changes into motion.

For instance, if you have a big project due at work and know that you have to spend the evening on it in order to complete it properly and on time, but instead you decide to check out the deals on Groupon vs Kijiji, you have just gathered some very valuable information about yourself. A) You are not all that excited about your job, and B) You may have a lucrative career opportunity in Purchase Negotiations. It is extremely important to know what makes us happy as opposed to think what will make us happy. Our actions speak louder than our thoughts, especially if they are going against what we think we want.

“Procrastinating big jobs can often spur us to complete tasks that we didn’t even know we wanted to do.”

Procrastinating big jobs can often spur us to complete tasks that we didn’t even know we wanted to do. Last year I decided that I wanted my long boring hallway painted. I kept putting it off and putting it off. It was confusing to me as to why I kept putting it off because I normally enjoy painting. I find it meditative and very rewarding. There is a big payoff for little money and effort. I suppose, now that I think of it, I do not spend much time in my hallway and therefore would not get to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

On the weekend that I finally decided to get the job done, I ended up doing several other things instead that I am now happy I did. I organized my nylon drawer by putting each pair into a Ziploc baggie and labelling each baggie in marker with “Black Opaque”, “Sheer with Gold Fleck”, or “Grey with Nordic Pattern” respectively. This task that I did not know I wanted to do has saved me countless morning minutes. I also cleaned out the freezer and Skyped with a girlfriend who had moved away, both of which felt fantastic. I never did paint the hallway. I hung some art instead and am quite satisfied.

I learned that I do not like to expend effort without an equal return, I reconfirmed that I am happily addicted to organization and that I value my good friendships. Hurray for procrastination!

“Not many people find it easy to make big lifestyle changes.”

procrastination002_1When procrastination is about a healthy lifestyle change, the scenario is different. If you decide to watch television after work instead of go for a walk it does not mean that your soul prefers to be lazy and unfit. If you are continually starting your healthy eating habits tomorrow, it does not mean that deep down you wish to be unhealthy. These issues are more about behavioral change than a problem with procrastination. Not many people find it easy to make big lifestyle changes. In this case, I would suggest enlisting help from a professional in your area of need.




How and why your diet should change after 50

Fab@50_1Turning 50 is the perfect milestone for making positive changes. I have seen it many times over with my clients. It is as if there is an internal switch that opens the mind to possibilities. There is a crystal clear realization that this life is not a dress rehearsal. 

What would you like to do, see or achieve for the rest of your life? Perhaps there are places in the world where you would like to travel. Maybe you would like to go back to school or run a marathon or learn how to dance. Whatever your goals, your key to accomplishment is your health. Without it you will not be able to do or enjoy much of anything. The fastest and most effective route to good health is your diet.

Do we need to change our diets after 50 years of age? We all have room for improvement in this area at any age, but there are some specific bodily changes that occur around mid-life that we can address and improve with the right foods.

Hormonal changes may cause an increase in body fat and a decrease in metabolism. As bleak as this may sound, it is not a pill that you must swallow. Instead, see it as an opportunity to introduce some fun new flavor to your life! Forget about going on a diet. At 50 you are much too smart for that. The best way to get your body working optimally for you is to add in what it needs to function like the miraculous machine that it is.

Bones may become less dense, energy may wane, your constitution may be inconsistent and memory may be trying to play some funny tricks. All of these things are within your power to correct. Your most powerful tool is your mind. Make your mind up to be the master of your experience.

Your biggest impact on your health and happiness is your lifestyle. Embrace 50 or older as an opportunity, a good excuse to become just a little more, just a little better.

you are what you eat 2



Specific exercises for 50+ help to build core strength and more

The biggest lie fed to North Americans is that we need to be young to be happy, fit, beautiful, wanted, useful and fun. We are inundated with not-so-subtle messages everywhere we turn. Why, as a culture, we decided this was okay and even remotely true is beyond comprehension. In my experience, the exact opposite is true. 

As we age, we become more comfortable in our skin. We make smarter choices, bring experience to the boardroom table, know how to laugh at ourselves and learn what is truly important to lead enriched lives. Many people turn 50 and decide that is it too late to change. It is never, ever too late. When it comes to fitness and exercise, 50 and beyond are the years that we must change. We must embrace ourselves and train our bodies to carry us happily through the second half of our lives.

We know that cardio activity is integral for increasing heart function, decreasing fat and lowering cholesterol. These reasons are all well and good, of course, but there is a much more compelling reason for you to get off your posterior and quicken your pulse: it feels great! It feels like new love, hope, joy, and invincibility. Cardio activity quickly releases endorphins into your system that have an immediate blissful effect. It will calm anxiety, soothe stress and can even alleviate depression. If that were not enough, cardio activity regulates hormones.

Bone density becomes an area of concern around 50 and beyond. Proper nutrition and weight bearing exercise will ensure resilient bones well into the future. Weight bearing exercises are just that – exercises that require you to bear your own weight against gravity. Examples include walking, jogging, playing tennis and dancing. Examples of non-weight bearing activates are cycling and swimming.

Sometimes joints can become sore as we age. It is natural to want to rest them so not to stress them. It is a much better idea to work to strengthen your joints. In spite of common belief, exercise does not cause arthritis. In fact, exercise will help reduce the pain in people who suffer with arthritis.

There was a time when people thought that aging inevitably caused a decline in muscle mass and strength. This is not true. Not exercising causes these things. Strength training will build muscle, which keeps us strong and independent, while raising metabolism and decreasing fat stores.


Certain vegetables can keep your body in tip-top shape














Do you still need to be told to eat your vegetables?

We all know that vegetables are good for you. We also know the reasons why we need to eat our veggies and what they do for us are also pretty common knowledge: they provide vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-oxidants that keep our bodies functioning optimally.

Besides, if you don’t eat them, you may not get dessert! If need even more motivation than that, check out this list of body parts and what vegetables you can consume to positively impact their purpose and function.




Thinking carrots? Yes, it is true. Carrots are high in Vitamin A which plays a lead role in vision function. Other great sources include kale and spinach.





Left home without a toothbrush? Have no fear. Vegetables that are high in polyphenols destroy plaque bacteria. Look for these grime busting vegetables on the menu: olives, artichoke heads, red and yellow onion, shallots and potatoes.





Certain vegetables are great at lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Increasing vegetable consumption can also help lower weight, all of which contribute to a healthier heart. Best bets include bok choy, garlic, leeks, swiss chard, sweet potatoes, and squash.





If kidney disease is a concern, eat iron rich vegetables that are low in potassium. These include celery, beets, string beans and zucchini.





Our inner ears have sensitive nerve tissue that can be damaged by free radicals. The best way to reduce the little bad guys is to consume anti-oxidants on a regular basis. Foods rich in folic acid, such as broccoli and asparagus, are especially helpful.





Increasing vegetable intake is going to show darn quickly on the skin. People who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables tend to have firm cheeks with a nice pink glow. Vegetables that will help the most include bell peppers and cauliflower, which are high in Vitamin C. This sunny vitamin actually helps prevent skin damaging ultraviolet rays. Eggplant is a good source of B vitamins which help skin to regenerate.





Integral to detoxifying the body and breaking down fats and proteins, these vegetables cannot be overlooked: avocado, Brussels sprouts and spinach.


Eating a large variety of vegetables on a daily basis is one of the most important steps you can take toward improved health. It can also be an extremely challenging lifestyle change for many people. Experts encourage people to eat three different colours of vegetables a day in 7-10 servings. A single serving size of vegetables is the size of your fist. A few simple strategies and a commitment to a healthy diet can help keep your body parts working as they should.

  • Do a weekly produce shop. (Visit local farmer’s markets for inspiration!)
  • Wash and cut up all of your vegetables at once. Put them in separate containers in your fridge for easy access.
  • Prepare veggie and fruit smoothies and put them in single serving cups in the freezer.
  • Wrap a bunch of cut up veggies in foil and throw the packet on the BBQ.


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